Superior Sarking MoistureShield


Superior Sarking’s most versatile product. Made its mark as a flagship product in the battle of the “Leaky Homes” saga in New Zealand following huge changes to the watertightness legislation in the Kiwi building industry.

Now available in Australia to comply with NCC 2019 condensation control & also for use as a sarking material for use with cladding & recladding of multi-storey apartment buildings in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire and Docklands Fire in Melbourne.

MoistureShield is rated 2 in the AS/NZS 1530.2 test for Flammability.

Plus it is an air barrier, moisture barrier, absorbent 200g/m² and vapour permeable product – allowing your building to breathe – stopping the growth of toxic black mould.

MoistureShield is BRANZ Appraised in NZ under the Watertight Brand for use for both a roof sarking & wall wrap.


Non-Combustible Sarking for use as a best case fire resistant underlay for use on multi storey buildings and bushfire prone areas when you want more protection than the minimum standard requires.

Compliant with the following standards…

  • AS 1530.1
  • AS/NZS 1530.2
  • AS/NZS 1530.3
  • NCC 2019

Fireshield is a strong waterproof non-combustible sarking that can stand up to rough treatment without losing the integrity of the inner layers like many of its competitors in the current market.

Peace of mind delivered at it’s best. 

The best product at the best price.

Superior Sarking Fire Shield
Superior Sarking HailShield


Let’s face it, hail is an issue in many of our major cities, and without much warning the sky delivers bullets of ice that are so destructive that roofs and vehicles get damaged with huge repair bills and insurance claims.

But it is what is under your roof that matters the most. Historically you have a lot of absorbent material like ceiling tiles, insulation that when wet needs replacing also, however the roof is repaired and what is covered up is forgotten about…

Until someone gets sick. Black Mould spores can be deadly!!!

Superior Sarking HailShield is a super strong roof underlay that will resist puncture from hail once the roof is damaged. Water will leak through . . the roof, onto the hail guard and run off the side of the building envelope keeping your ceiling cavity warm & dry. However, should any moisture get through, HailShield is also super absorbent and vapour permeable meaning it will dry out any material below in the heat of the day. 

Superior Sarking – keeping your family warm, dry & healthy.

HeatShield 120

Hotter climates throughout Australia are covered by our HeatShield Roof Sarking – so if you live in the tropics or Outback where roofs can sometimes reach up to 120ºC  – we have you covered.


Superior Sarking HeatShield
Superior Sarking WallShield


Still a great product, to be used as a wall underlay where moisture, hail, fire, & heat are not issues, however you need better protection than a building paper at a price point that is lower.

WallShield is our great price fighter, is a great product with all of the properties that Superior Sarking are best known for – just with the budget conscious buyer in mind.

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