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Why Superior Sarking

There are roof & wall wraps, and then there are Superior Sarking roof & wall wraps.

Different users have different requirements and expectations for what they want their wrap to do. In most cases you should, and can expect modern nonwoven textile wraps to control:

  • Water – Stop rain from getting into the building during construction before cladding installation – Prevent damaging to insulation/internal services and finishes that aren’t designed to be exposed to the elements. Avoiding health and structural related damage
  • Air – Once the building is finished air can impact/exacerbate water ingress, moisture build-up from water vapour, temperature ingress, sound ingress and fire/smoke pathways.
  • Water Vapour – Condensing water vapour and high humidity can lead to health and structural damage in completed buildings.
  • Low Fire Combustibility – limiting the amount of combustible material in key parts of your build.

Some woven glass/aluminium laminates are deemed to be non-combustible by the building code, however vapour permeable airtight wraps and plastic/foil laminate wraps usually are low flammability rather than being non-combustible.

Sometimes you may be forced to compromise on some of these control layers, but you must also pay attention to the minimum requirements in the National Construction Code 2019.

In saying that, all Superior Sarking Roof & Wall Wraps not only meet, but they exceed NCC 2019 requirements.

Don’t be tempted to opt for just enough, when best in class is available.

What We Offer

The very best European manufactured sarking & underlay products available in Australia. All CE marked, ISO tested & Local tests carried out where there is a requirement to meet the stringent Australian & New Zealand building standards.

In most cases we not only meet those standards, but we exceed them. Zero margin of error is just not enough when your family is concerned.

We understand Your requirements

We Happily Train Your Staff

We deliver the best Products

Superior Sarking provide the best Products in The Industry

You find a product that will meet us, and we will show you how we beat it!
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